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Wade McKenzie, CEO

Wade McKenzie metal fabrication and welding
Wade McKenzie, CEO of McKenzie Productions, Welding & Metal Fabrication in San Luis Obispo County

Welder, metal artist and fabricator Wade McKenzie was born and raised in Paso Robles, CA.

He learned to weld from his father and brother at a young age, working on local ranches and later branching out to start a rodeo promotions company in the Central Valley.

Once back on the Central Coast, Wade found renewed passion for working with iron, steel, copper and other metals. With the help of his son Chance, McKenzie Productions grew into a thriving family metal fabrication business.

Wade always felt as though he was a painter without a brush, a poet without a pen. Everything he creates is an expression of his love for nature’s beauty.

“I create art for you.”

Wade McKenzie, Welder, Metal Artist & Fabricator
Metal sculpture by Wade McKenzie

Using metal as his canvas, McKenzie brings decades of experience to his designs, builds and installations for residences, businesses, vineyards and art lovers.

In an email to the New York Times, deputy city manager Terrie Banish said, ”It brings back that joyful spirit that was taken away and it gives something for people to look forward to” in difficult times.

Expertise in welding, design, metal fabrication and installation

For more than three decades, McKenzie Productions has specialized in the design, fabrication, and installation of various metal products for residential, commercial projects, including gates, fences, safety railings, steel home foundations, metal sculptures and more.

Steel safety railing by McKenzie Productions

Our welding and fabrication shop is fully certified, licensed and insured. We value our customers’ time, taste, and money, and are committed to providing affordability, efficiency and excellence. 

The metal artists behind the California Monolith

Wade McKenzie, Jared Riddle and Travis Kenney, co-creators of the California Monolith in Atascadero

In December 2020, Wade McKenzie and 3 close friends made history when they built and installed the now-infamous California Monolith on Pine Mountain in Atascadero. When it was torn down by vandals, they refused to let the gift they’d given their community be over-shadowed by an act of senseless hate. Instead, they worked quickly to replace it.

The Atascadero Monolith

To view a sample of our wide variety of recently completed projects, visit our Gallery.