Welding and metal fabrication shop based in San Luis Obispo County

Residential design, metal fabrication & installation

Steel doors built for private residence

We know your home is the center of your world, setting the tone for your daily reality. McKenzie Productions is dedicated to working with you to create, build and install custom designs from ornamental and structural metals that will enhance any interior or exterior space to your complete satisfaction.

Commercial design, metal fabrication & installation

Commercial railing in San Luis Obispo County

Whether we’re creating basic signage, fencing, safety railings, or art sure to make your brand stand out from the competition, McKenzie Productions is laser-focused on precision, professionalism, collaboration and efficiency. Our clients’ satisfaction comes first.

Metal sculptures and fine art

Rotating sculpture by Wade McKenzie

Wade McKenzie’s artistry with metal sculpture is unparalleled. His unique works can be found in wineries, estates, public lands and businesses throughout California.

On- and off-site welding services

Welding repairs and services are available both on and off-site.